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Don Lambert entered the insurance industry in 1981 after receiving his Bachelors of Science degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University. The first year of his career he was involved with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, as a charter member of an agency development program. His association with this program instilled lasting values of participation, planning, and accountability.

In 1982, he opened a branch office for an agency specializing in insurance and bonding for contractors. This agency, owned in part by his father, enjoyed great success through the eighties, until sold to a large regional agency in 1991. Don's experience with the large regional agency, while educational, was not consistent with the hands on, dedicated approach that he had developed throughout his previous experiences. The sales machine approach to the business, rather than the approach of risk management and building relationships, did not suit him or the clients to whom he owed his loyalty.

In 1993, Don opened a branch office for Collinsworth, Alter, Fowler, Dowling and French Group in West Palm Beach. Soon thereafter, Don was made a partner in the newly formed Collinsworth, Alter, Lambert, LLC. Based upon the agency's "from the ground up" dedication to our client's individual needs, total annual premiums grew to over $20,000,000 within the first ten years.

Don guided the agency with a focus on building relationships that are integral to the ultimate benefit of our clients. The agency broadens its usefulness to their clients by establishing relationships with insurance carriers, attorneys, certified public accountants, loss control experts, and other construction related resources. Establishing relationships and sharing them with our clients enables us to continuously deliver what others casually refer to as "service". Don felt it necessary to define service by our "efforts and results" and not by the use of the word in marketing campaigns.

As president of Collinsworth, Alter, Lambert, LLC., Don continues to pursue means by which we can continue to rededicate our staff by building integral relationships with our clients and others. Through these relationships, we all are better equipped to address the daily issues presented in an industry which must be responsive to constant change. As problem solvers, we deliver solutions to our clients...not promises.