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You're building a spectacular new project. Our job is to build a comprehensive understanding of its scope, challenges, time frames, subcontractors, suppliers - you name it. Because the key to cost-smart risk management is leaving no stone unturned, we'll be there at every stage of your project, from planning to the final coat of paint and landscaping, helping you identify areas of risk so you can avoid potential problems before they happen. CAL will function as part of your team, meeting with owners, contractors and subcontractors, to maintain focus, while we leverage our relationships with leading insurance companies to deliver a highly optimized program tailored to your particular circumstances.

Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. At CAL, we can adapt our services and products to meet virtually any environment. From manufacturing plants to shopping malls; health care providers to technology companies; design firms to international distributors; we have the resources, relationships and expertise to create powerful solutions. No matter what the industry, our process is the same. We immerse ourselves in your business. We meet with all the players - suppliers, owners, sales, shipping, customer care, you name it. We get to know your business nearly as well as you do, and then leverage our relationships with leading providers to create a customized risk management program around your particular circumstances.

Surety bonds are given to protect an owner or general contractor against loss if the terms of a contract are not fulfilled. They assure that all work will be performed per the contract specifications and that all bills will be paid. CAL has over 60 years of combined experience working with many of the premier surety bond providers in the industry. We work closely with those companies to assist you in securing maximum bonding capacity, competitive bond rates and a long-lasting beneficial relationship. We work hard to become and remain a vital part of your business team.

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